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Welcome to our Pit!

If you've watched our videos and followed us over the years, you know we teach the basic techniques for serving up moist and tender grilling, and great tasting barbecue.......

Learn some of the basics of barbecue and grilling from us, and then experiment by tweaking our recipes to your liking. Kick it up and add your own favorite spices, rubs, marinades, and sauces. In no time, you'll be known in your neighborhood as the King of Barbecue!

Thanks to our 5,000+ worldwide Chapters, brothers, members, and our 500,000+ YouTube subscribers, the BBQ Pit Boys® Show now appears on over 5,000,000 Website pages, Forums and Blogs in over 100 countries. Our 480+ videos have been watched over 100 million times worldwide on YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo.

The BBQ Pit Boys Show has been named a Google Preferred YouTube Channel, listed as one of the top 300 Channels for advertising opportunities on YouTube.

If you like our videos, have a recipe to share, or a question about Bar-B-Que, please post your comment to any of our videos posted on our YouTube Channel or contact us directly here bbqpitboys@gmail.com

Thanks for stoppin' by!

-BBQ Pit Boys

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