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Advertise on the BBQ Pit Boys® Show


Advertise on the BBQ Pit Boys® Show

The BBQ Pit Boys Show has been named a Google Preferred YouTube Channel, listed as one of the top 300 Channels for advertising opportunities on YouTube. Our barbecue recipes and “How To BBQ and Grill” videos have been viewed over 120 million times worldwide by dedicated fans of barbeque and grilling. We are a prime position for driving traffic. We handle everything from discrete product placement to completely dedicated episodes based on your product.


We’re ranked in the top 1% of all YouTube Channels.

As crazy as that sounds, we are proudly ranked in the top 1% of over 19,000,000 YouTube channels. Our videos are actual reality, we take pride in producing realistic, clear instructions on how to get the best results when grilling, minus all the hot air and frills typical to food shows.

Get the exposure you need on YouTube.

As YouTube Content Partners and designated YouTube Chefs, of which worldwide, only 14 were awarded this status, we can get the product exposure you’re looking for.

We can produce a video ad for you, for your social media campaign, or simply add your product to one of our recipe videos. Talk to us about displaying your ads on BBQPitBoys.com


Product Placement in our YouTube videos

Do you have a food product, grill, pit, tool, or gadget you’d like the BBQ Pit Boys to try out? We can showcase it in one our popular recipe and “How To BBQ and Grill” videos appearing on YouTube, Facebook, BBQPitBoys.com and on 1,000’s of food related Websites and blogs.


Some Facts:

Currently the BBQ Pit Boys have 500+ recipe videos with over 120 million+ video views along with our dedicated subscriber base of 650,000+ growing around 20,000 new subscribers a month. We are ranked in the top 1% of all YouTube Channels. In addition, our videos have been watched several million times worldwide on video Websites such as Roku, Liveleak, VideoJug, Blinx, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, Mann.tv and Facebook.
The BBQ Pit Boys have an international network of over 11,000 officially registered BBQ Pit Boys Chapters. These are dedicated grillers and barbecuers who gather with family and friends over good food, using the techniques and recipes shown on the BBQ Pit Boys Show.


We are Google Preferred -top 300 Channels for advertisers on YouTube

  • Official YouTube Chefs
  • In the top 1% of all Channels on YouTube
  • #1 keyword for bbq, barbecue, barbecue recipes
  • Top 2 for food recipes in channels and playlists
  • #1 Most Influential BBQ Groups in social media
  • Our videos reach nearly 4,000,000 viewers per month, more than the monthly video views of the Food Network and the Travel Channel on YouTube.

We’ve been on the Food Network’s Ask Aida Show.
We were featured guests at WildMagic Urban Park in Tokyo, Japan


Some of our clients:

Microsoft | Budweiser | Tyson Foods | Wright Brand Bacon | One.org | Louisiana Crawfish Company | McCormick Spice Co.| Grill Mates | Makers Mark Whiskey | Full Sail Brewery | iGrill | Saber Grills | WILDMAGIC Urban Park Tokyo | Imperial Brand’s | Sobieski Vodka | Skorr Products | Mad Cow Cutlery | Craycort Grates | Crown Blue Beef & Bison | Crown Valley Brewery | Auspit Rotisseries | Weber Shandwick | Sharp Entertainment | Camp Chef | OutdoorCooking.com | Super Bowl AdBlitz on YouTube | Little Wombat Grills | Burgerfest Prague

fireball-whiskeyWe were showcased in BuzzFeed, the Daily Mail, on Mashable.com, on Time Warner’s Cartoon Network, and were featured at a Cisco Systems Kraft Foods Seminar Presentation on Web 2.0 Marketing that cited BBQPitBoys.com and BarbecueWeb.com for excellence.

The BBQ Pit Boys are referenced on 5,000,000+ Webpages
on 20,000+ Blogs
on 1000’s of forums
We also appear on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

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