Chicken & Poultry Recipes

Barbecue chicken done over the open fire or hot coals is, for many, the only way to eat chicken. Check out our grilling and smokin' secrets to get your chicken moist, tender, and lip-smackin' tasty every time.  -BBQ Pit Boys

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Onion Chicken Wings

Watch the BBQ Pit Boys grill up some Chicken Wings using a sweet-heat Onion sauce that will make your wings tasty, moist and tender.

Grilled Chicken Stew

The BBQ Pit Boys grill up a "real easy to do" Chicken Stew. You have to check this out.

Smoked Chicken Quarters

Instead of grilling, try smoking the Chicken Quarters this time. Use these few simple tips from BBQ Pit Boys - they’ll come out tender and moist every time

Pepper Turkey Burgers

Some historians have said the Turkey Burger was served first to the Pilgrims, not the Turkey.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Pulled Chicken

Slow grilled whole Chickens are pulled, and then covered with a top-shelf Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky Sauce.

Spatchcock Chicken

A tried and true old school technique for grilling chicken that will always give you a moist and tender bird.

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Bacon and Scallion Crème Gravy

Try this Pit Boys Chicken Breast stuffed with Ham and Cheese served with our Bacon and Scallion Cream Gravy

Coca Chicken

This is a real easy to do chicken recipe that’s guaranteed not to leave you with leftovers.

Grilled Pheasant

Fresh grilled Pheasant is on the menu at the Pit. A fall season favorite, Apple Maple Pheasant. And it's real easy to do!

Boneless Turkey Breast

Easy to smoke Boneless Turkey Breast

Wild Turkey

Lame on frozen? Check out this fresh Wild Turkey recipe

Porken Potatoes (Pork and Chicken Roast)

Watch the BBQ Pit Boys prepare a dish that will not only feed a bunch but they will get a choice of Chicken or Pork

Wild Goose Breast

Watch Jitterbug demonstrate the technique, put together a Chairman Goose Marinade for tenderizing and flavor, and grill it slow over a pit fire.

BBQ Ribs and Wings

The BBQ Pit Boys employ the 3-2-1 method for St. Louis cut Pork Spare Ribs, and smoke up 8 lbs. of "low and slow" Chicken Wings.

Chicken Wing Loaf

We stack the wings (lefty and righty) to keep them moist and tender.

Turkey Breast

Watch the BBQ Pit Boys smoke up some tender and moist Turkey Breast on the grill.

Bacon Beer Can Chicken

Next time cook your bird draped in Bacon and in a ring of fire for some juicy and tender BBQ Pit Boys Beer Can Chicken.

Grilled Chipotle Chicken

Heat it up at the Pit with this tender and moist Chipotle Chicken Stuffed Sandwich.

Beer and Butter BBQ Chicken Thighs

It's all about the sauce with this recipe so get your Barbecue Shoes on and fire up that grill

Barnyard Roast

Ham Steak rolled with marinated Chicken Breast and Beef Flank Steak make for a Barnyard feast

Apple Cider Turkey

Tell mama no more dried out Turkey for your holiday dinner anymore..!

Molasses BBQ Chicken

This BBQ Pit Boys easy to make Molasses Mustard Glaze goes great on Chicken

Bean Can Chicken

Forget that same ol', same ol', Beer Can Chicken. Stick a can of Baked Beans up that Chicken's Butt and save the beer for the Pitmaster.

Beer Breasts

Forget those dry, tasteless, and tough eatin’ breasts. All you need to add is some beer.

Iron Pan Chicken

Watch how easy it is to serve up some of the best tasting chicken you'll ever eat with these few simple tips by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Pineapple Chicken & Avocado Tomato Salad

Vegematics rejoice! Whether you like fruits, veggies, and leafy green stuff or not, ya gotta check this recipe out.

Satay Chicken Wings

A quick and easy grilled wings recipe. And, if ya like peanut butter, you gotta check these out...!

Orange Chicken "low and slow"

Kickin' back and smokin' up a few Chickens, and some racks of Spareribs. Good livin' doesn't get any better than this. Welcome to the Pit..!

Pound Chicken

Black Iron pans aren't just for cookin' in! So, grab yourself a couple of yard birds, and your favorite iron pan,gonna be some good eatin' @ the Pit 2nite!

Chicken Wings with Whiskey Sauce

Known as Whiskey Wings in some parts, this grilled Chicken recipe is about as good as it gets when cooking over an open fire. They're great eating!


Turkey for Thanksgiving or for any holiday feast is good eating, especially when cooked on the grill, or roasted low and slow on the smoker.

Asian Chicken Wings

Chinese style grilled chicken wings are quick and easy to do, so be sure to make up a bunch for your hungry crowd. All ya need is some Hoisin sauce!

Caveman Chicken

Timeless, and tasty open-fire Chicken recipe that is real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys!

Smoke Crispy Fried Chicken Wings

Hungry for Crispy Fried Chicken Barbecue style? Then sear, smoke and fry those Chicken Wings for some real good eatin' at the Pit.

Vodka Lime Chicken

The BBQ Pit Boys marinate a couple of yard birds, spit roast them over a medium fire and then serve them them up with some classic sides.

Cornish Game Hens

Make your grandma proud by serving up these Black Iron Rock Cornish Game Hens at your next Barbecue.

Smokehouse Maple Chicken

The key to great grilled chicken is to infuse it with flavor and cook it properly on the pit. We're adding a distinctive smoky, sweet blend of spices.

Bacon Chicken Sticks

Looking for another way to grill up some chicken? Check this recipe out. These grilled chicken kabobs are tasty, tender and juicy every time.

Bacon Cheddar Cheese Chicken Wings

Cheddar Cheese and smoked Bacon covered Chicken Wings are tender delicious, easy to do, and perfect for tailgating or that backyard barbecue.

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast Brined

Watch how easy it is to make tender and juicy boneless Barbecue Chicken Breasts every time by using a simple brine, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Cajun Smoked Turkey and Pork Roast

This Cajun style Turkey and Pork Loin holiday roast, smoke tender and moist, will give your guests a Holiday Turkey and Pork dinner they'll never forget!

Grilled Chicken Pot Pie

This easy to do meat pie has over 4 lbs of fresh grilled chicken and is loaded with corn, peas, carrots and potatoes. This is real Country Chicken Pot Pie!

Crispy Grilled Chicken

Crispy, moist and tender chicken from the grill is easy to do especially with this apple cider and brown sugar brine recipe put together by the BBQ Pit Boy

Grilled Pepper Chicken

This simple to prepare but delicious grilled chicken, hand rubbed with mayo and assorted spices makes for some real good eating!

Grilled Chicken Legs

Your legs undercooked or burnt? It's real easy to grill up some real tender and moist chicken legs on the grill, if you follow a few simple rules.

Country Deep Fried Turkey

Make your holiday special with some deep-fried Turkey..!

Chicken Pot Barbecue

This chicken pot recipe for the Barbecue grill is easy to do, and real tender as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Turkey with Stuffing and Wild Turkey Gravy

Save the kitchen oven for the pies and cook your turkey and fixings on the old charcoal grill. It not only is moist, tender and delicious but it's easy to do with these tips by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Chicken Roast On the Grill

This recipe is for real Barbecue chicken done "low and slow" on your grill or smoker, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Spicy Hot Chicken Legs

These grilled Chicken Legs, hot or sweet, are the way we like to eat 'em.

Buffalo Wings Grilled Chicken style

The BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to grill up some smoking hot or mild smoked buffalo wings!

Grilled Chicken Thighs

It's easy to make up some real tender and tasty chicken thighs on the barbecue grill, BBQ Pit Boys style.

Seared Chicken Breast with Vodka Sauce

A delicious Seared Boneless Chicken Breast with our home-made Vodka Barbecue Sauce makes for great barbeque! Friends of the BBQ Pit Boys, ya gotta try this one!

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Try this moist and tender, and real easy to grill stuffed Boneless Chicken Breast recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys!

Chicken Cheese Wings

Cheese Chicken Wings are delicious and fun to eat with this easy to grill barbeque sweet or Hot Wings recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Barbecue Chicken on the Smoker

This recipe is for real Barbecue chicken done "low and slow" on your grill or smoker, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

Grilled Split Chicken

Our Famous BBQ Pit Boys Barbecue Split Chicken recipe comes out perfect every time with these simple tips.

Grilled Beer Can Chicken

This beer basted chicken recipe makes for a moist and tender chicken dinner, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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