Strange but True

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Ice Bucket Challenge

We were challenged. And we accepted. Now we challenge you to contribute to to help find a cure for this devastating disease. –BBQ Pit Boys

Blues guitar legend Johnny Winter -conversations with the BBQ Pit Boys

Johnny Winter stopped by the Pit to chow down on some home style Barbecue.

BBQ Pit Boys Pit Dawgs 3,000th Chapter Inauguration

The inauguration of our 3,000th BBQ Pit Boys Chapter, the Pit Dawgs

Bird Hunting for the grill by the BBQ Pit Boys

The BBQ Pit Boys go hunting for some bird for the holiday table.

Bottleneck hooks up with our German Chapters

Bottleneck "Home Grown Country Folk" hooks up with our German BBQ Pit Boys Chapters, Alien-BBQ and Barmbek, to defend the Pit.

BBQ Pit Boys Worldwide Germany Chapters Meet Up

16-2 P-B Fire up those chainsaws.! Check out some of our BBQ Pit Boys German Chapters

Open Fire BBQ Roast Beef

Sometimes all a good man needs in life is an open fire, some beef turning on the spit, and a couple of good friends stoppin' on by

Moonshine BBQ Sauce

Our secret sauce..!

Pizza Double Meat, Double Crust Style

It's been a real hot summer. Today it's in the 90's. Got to stay cool, pop some beers & order some pizza, delivered..!

Fireball Meatballs "The Beginning"

Here's a video clip on how we came up with the Fireball Meatball recipe. Thanks to Chuck Norris for stoppin' by the Pit..!.

BBQ Pit Boys ringtone -i'm going down to the house of sausage

Uploaded by request! Check us out for all things barbecue and grilling!

Beer Cocktail Boilermaker BBQ Pit Boys Chapter Toast

..heck with the past! Get on board for a kick-ass future. All you need is whiskey, beer and some BBQ Pit Boys brothers to make things a whole lot better!

Halloween Axe Butchers by the BBQ Pit Boys

It's a good time of the year to stock up on some fresh meat, but always know who your butcher is. Happy Halloween from the BBQ Pit Boys!


Irene sucker punched us for sure. But, don't let her get ya down...! Fire up that barbecue. We're back..!

God said "Let there be Barbecue"

The BBQ Pit Boys get some religion...! Can you smell that? It smells guuuud..!

Beer Run Dawgs

The time it takes to get to the liquor store and back, you too can be serving up some good eatin' hot dogs, peppers and onions at your Barbecue Pit.

BBQ Pit Boys Pitmasters Shout-out and Thanks

Thanks to all of you for your many kind words and support, and for sending us your pics of your Pit.

BBQ Pit Boys emails, thermometers, camp stove, and knives

The BBQ Pit Boys read some subscriber emails, recommend a barbecue grill thermometer, check out some Forschner knives by Mad Cow, & more

BBQ Pit Boys on Google TV

Crank it up and try this tender Flat Iron steak on your barbecue. And check out our Old-time barbecue and grilling recipes on Google TV.

1966 Dodge Coronet 500

Want to go for a ride? Get your BBQ Shoes on because it's Mopar time, baby...! This Dodge Coronet 500 mid-year design by the great Elwood Engle was crafted

Get Those Barbecue Shoes Of Yours On, Boy!!

goin' down to the House of Sausage, got my barbecue shoes on! my Natural case, got the hogs on the run......

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