Easy Pepper Pickles

Easy Pepper Pickles

How to to make some garden fresh pickled peppers and cucumbers, and it’s ready to eat in a few days.

Simple Cold Pickling Method

You can choose different peppers, for this version we used these ingredients:

Green hot peppers,
Cherry peppers.
2 tablespoons of kosher salt
1 tablespoon of fennel
Red apple cider vinegar

Use whatever you can source, of course fresh out of your garden is always best. You want them snap fresh.
Chop them up into a bite size pieces so you can pack the whole jar full.
With this method they’re ready to eat
in only a couple of days.
There’s no fancy ass brining and melting sugars

It’s optional, but you can throw a scotch bonnet or a habanero in there
to pick the heat up a little bit

To each jar we added about one cup of water with the two tablespoons of kosher salt and one tablespoon of fennel going into each jar .

Simple enough.

Top off the jars with your vinegar. Red apple cider vinegar is excellent for this.

Seal them up tight and throw them in the refridgerator, you can eat the cucumbers within a few hours but you wanna let them go at least a couple days.
The longer you go the more flavor.

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