Our top-selling BBQ Pit Boys Merchandise

BBQ Pit Boys Mens T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt

Order online: Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large - 2XL


With BPB4L on back: Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large - 2XL - 3XL - 4XL - 5XL

Pit Crew Edition: Small - Medium - Large - Extra Large - 2XL - 3XL - 4XL - 5XL

Chapter & Pitmaster Certificates


Sign Up for Your Own Certificate Here: Chapter Certificate - Pitmaster Certificate

BBQ Pit Boys Men's Hoodies


Order the Classic BBQ Pit Boys Hoodie: Small - Medium - Large - XL - 2XL - 3XL - 4XL

"Can You Smell That? It smells GUUUD" Edition BBQ Pit Boys Hoodie: Small - Medium - Large - XL - 2XL

BBQ Pit Boys SPG

Salt-Pepper-Garlic Seasoning

Order SPG online: Buy 1 pouch - Buy 3 pouches

BBQ Pit Boys Engraved Old Hickory BBQ Knives

Officially engraved handle. Comes with BBQ Pit Boys Beer Koozies, Stickers, and other goodies.

Order Ole' Hick online: 7" Blade - 14" Blade - Filet Knife

The Official Hat

Order the Hat Online: Hat & Beer Koozie - Hat & Beer Koozie & Two Shot Glasses

BBQ Pit Boys Outdoor Kitchen for the 22" Kettle Grill

Order the Outdoor Kitchen Online: For the 22" Kettle Grill

BBQ Pit Boys Signature Series Fire Pit

Order the Fire Pit Online: With Cooking Grate & Foot Rest

BBQ Pit Boys Hand-Rolled Cigars

Limited quantities available. 

Order our Ecuadorian Churchhill Hand-Rolled Cigars: One Cigar - 3-Pack

Order our Ecuadorian Toro Hand-Rolled Cigars: One Cigar - 3-Pack


Order our Frosted Beer Mugs online: With Black Logo - With Red Logo

Get the Coffee Mug: Black with Red Logo, White with Red Logo, White with Black Logo, Contrast B&W Version

Rugged Thermal Travel Coffee Mug: With Black Logo - With Red Logo

BBQ Pit Boys Apron

Order the Apron Online: Pitmasters Apron (Classic) - Pitmasters Apron (yellow flames) - Pit Crew Apron - It Smells Guuud' Apron - Best Racks in Town Apron

BBQ Pit Boys Chapter Banner

Comes with your chapter name on banner.

Order Your Banner Online: 6' wide x 3' tall

BBQ Pit Boys Habanero Chipotle Hot Sauce

Due to the weight of this item, international shipping is expensive.

Order Hot Sauce Online: 1 Bottle or 3 Bottles

More Merch at the Pit Shop


Get your Stickers, Beer Koozies, Official Member Coin, and other acessesories

Pit Smoked Sea Salt

Secret Stash Pitmasters Smoked Sea Salt

Smokin' Wood Chunks from the Pit

Order Premium-Quality Smoke Wood

Our Friends

High Quality Meats, Kobe and Wagyu

Check out our friends at Snake River Farms... great brisket, ribs, and more!

Roll-Your-Own Cigars

Looking to roll your own Cigars at your Pit? Check out our friends at LeafOnly.com and use our special LeafOnly.com promo code for 5% off.

Blue House and the Rent to Own Horns

The band behind our theme song, "Barbecue Shoes", check them out at www.bluehouseblues.com and be sure to buy the record "At the Pit"!

The Best Quality BBQ Smokers and Santa Maria Grills

Check out our line of BBQ Smokers and Santa Maria grilling units at www.SunterraOutdoor.com

Want to Support the BBQ Pit Boys?

Order SPG online: 1 pouch or 3-pack

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