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Learn everything worth knowing when it comes to the grill by simply following our real easy to do recipes and discover what makes the BBQ Pit Boys the top rated BBQ channel on YouTube.

T-Bone Steak Done Dirt Cheap

No excuse. You don’t need a fancy-ass grill to cook up a great steak. Check out this T-bone Steak served with mushrooms and onions, and all done dirt cheap on a $10 grill… kick’n back at.... Read more

BBQ Pit Boys Smoker

The winner of our BBQ Pit Boys Smoker is James Van Meter who hails out of Ohio..! Congratulations James. You're going to luv this smoker. And thanks to all who entered to win. We appreciate your s.... Read more

Bird Hunting for the Grill

Well, don't you know about the bird ? Everybody knows that the bird is the word. Nothing too serious here, just us out and about hunting a few feathered friends for the grill..... Read more

How to Set up a Weber Grill

We’ve been cooking on kettle grills for years and this is the easy way to clean it and set it up for indirect grilling. .... Read more

Wood Fired Pizza

Three classic Pizzas are prepared and cooked by the BBQ Pit Boys in their new open fire oven. This video is brutal if you're hungry, best advised to grab a beer before watching..... Read more

Steak Peppercorn Sauce

A cream based Pepper Sauce is kicked up with some Rib Eye steak in this BBQ Pit Boys easy to do recipe. Watch how easy it is to do with these few simple tips. .... Read more

Texas Beef Brisket Trimming Tip

How to trim a Whole Beef Texas Brisket for your next barbecue as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Save yourself some money and buy a Whole Beef Brisket. We show you how easy it is to trim a Brisket.... Read more


If you're real hungry and looking for a quick way to grill up some moist and tender barbecue pork ribs, then "Low and slow" is not the way to go. So try this easy to grill smoked ribs recipe,.... Read more


Looking for some tips to make tender barbecue ribs? The BBQ Pit Boys show you how to remove the membrane from pork loin ribs, Baby Back, and Spare ribs..... Read more

Brick Oven Pizza on the Grill

This Old Time Brick Oven Pizza is easy to make on the barbecue grill and is as good as those from the Brick Oven Pizza Pie Houses in New York. Give it a try! .... Read more


This easy to make bbq dry rub is all about pepper. It goes real good with pork, chicken, and beef. Combine all ingredients as shown. Add some Cayenne Pepper for additional h.... Read more


This classic Kansas City Dry Rub is not only easy to make, but is simply the perfect rub for most anything barbecue. .... Read more