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Turkey Recipes

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Turkey Recipe

Turkey for Thanksgiving or for any holiday feast is good eating, especially when cooked on the grill, or roasted low and slow on the smoker.

Alligator, Crawfish, Smoked Turkey, Shrimp Sticks

Cajun Alligator Kabobs, Low and Slow Turkey Breast, a Mudbug Boil, Louisiana Shrimp on a Stick, Bourbon Slab Bacon, and some Drunken Clams.

Country Deep Fried Turkey

Make your holiday special with some deep-fried Turkey..!

Turkey with Stuffing and Wild Turkey Gravy

Save the kitchen oven for the pies and cook your turkey and fixings on the old charcoal grill. It not only is moist, tender and delicious but it's easy to do with these tips by the BBQ Pit Boys.

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