Apple Butter Tenderloin

Apple Butter Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin is on the menu at the Pit. The BBQ Pit Boys use a two tied Tenderloin Roast technique that keeps the pork moist and tender. It’s stuffed with their Apple Butter stuffing.. And it’s real easy to do with these simple tips. You have to check this recipe out.

Apple Butter Tenderloin Recipe

For this recipe you’re gonna need the following ingredients:

4 Pork Tenderloins
Fresh Apple Sauce
Bacon ( pre- smoked )
SPG Seasoning Or Salt pepper garlic


First trim back the silverskin layer of connective tissue, it can be tough so best to remove it using a sharp knife, a paper towel is good to use to get some grip when pulling back the silverskin.
Pound out one side with a meat tenderizer and add some slices into the top layer with the knife to help get the seasoning into the meat.
Mix the butter with the applesauce and add about one tablespoon of seasoning and work it into the sliced tenderized side to add some flavor in the tenderloin.
Dice up the onion and add that on top of the applesauce butter mix then add the smoked bacon.
bbq recipe pork tenderloin
Stack two of the tenderloins together sauce sides on the inside and place on some cut lengths of butcher’s string and tie them up to keep the stuffing in.
Place them an oven tray and add some more SPG seasoning to both sides and place the tray onto the grill and use indirect heat ( that’s opposite the hot coals) at about 300F- it’s gonna take about 45 minutes. At about half way through, rotate the tray to help with even cooking .
At his point you can also batse on some of your favorite BBQ sauce
Cook to an internal temp of about 145 F, let them rest for a few minutes before serving.
Great served with mashed potatoes and string beans. You might want to make up some gravy from the drippings too.