Bacon Baked Potato Hot Dogs

These Bacon baked potato hot dogs will knock your socks off, chuck away that boring hot dog bun and switch it up with a baked potato for some real good eating at your next BBQ party and they’re real easy to do.

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For this Bacon Baked Potato Hot Dogs you need the following ingredients:

• Bacon
• Hot Dogs
• 4 Potatoes
• Butter
• Mustard
• Ketchup
• Chopped Onions
• Pickles
• Sliced Cheese


1. Cut the hot dogs in thin slices.
2. Take a potato and drill a few holes in the middle. Now fill the holes with hot dog slices. Repeat with the balance potatoes.
3. Chop up the grilled bacon in little bits.

1. Cook the bacon and some hot dogs on indirect heat.
2. Bake the stuffed potatoes.
3. In a small iron pan heat up a couple of slab of butter and put some cooked hot dogs in them.
4. Remove the baked potatoes, place them on a large iron pan and gently cut then in the middle. Add some sliced cheese, place a hot dog off the melted butter, add some chopped onions, sprinkle some bacon, throw in a pickle, drizzle some of the melted butter. Place this pan back on indirect heat to melt the cheese.

Enjoy your BACON BAKED POTATO DOGS with your favorite condiments.