Bacon Egg Tomato Pie

BETP yes that’s the acronym for probably the best thing ever created in this world. Bacon Egg Tomato Pie yeah, it’s GUUD eatin’ for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner and it’s real easy to do!
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For this Bacon Egg Tomato Pie recipe you need the following ingredients:

4 firm Tomatoes
4 Eggs
1 Stick Of Butter
9 Cheese (Your Favorite Cheese)
5 strips Thick Pork Belly Bacon Approx
SPG or Your favorite seasoning


1. Slice tomatoes into inch thick slices
2. Heat pan with cooking oil to medium heat
3. Mix eggs in separate mixing bowl add SPG and whip until blended
4. Cook up your thick sliced pork belly bacon til crispy remove and set aside (save bacon fat in fry pan)

Slow medium heat steel pan
1. Add little more oil and ? stick of butter to the bacon fat
2. Gently fry tomatoes in oils and steel pan add SPG and flip
3. Season tomatoes on 2nd side and fry to same constancy as side 1
4 Add whipped eggs and ? your cubed bacon (Shake periodically to avoid sticking to pan)
5. Remove from pan when the pie is formed and evenly cooked
6. Add cheese of choice to top add remaining bacon to top
7. Serve & enjoy your BACON EGG TOMATO PIE