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Beef is Sacred at the Pit

Learn some of our secrets for cooking up Beef so tender and juicy you’ll be back for seconds every time. Beef burgers, brisket, steaks and roasts.

Roast Beef Stuffed Meatballs

Moist and tender meatballs are not always easy to do unless you use this simple technique shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys. Ground Beef 80/20 Deli Sliced Roast Beef Barbecue Sauce Ch.... Read more

Stuffing Stuffed Roast Beef Meatballs

As a holiday snack or as a main meal, these Roast Beef meatballs stuffed with moist seasoned stuffing will be a big hit at your Pit. And, they’re real easy to do as shown here by the BBQ .... Read more

Bacon Salami Burgers

A bacon, salami, beef and cheese patty covered with melted cheese and served on a toasted roll is Pitmaster Privilege. It can be your privilege, too by checking out this recipe by the BBQ Pit.... Read more

Beef Fritters

Great as snacks or a main meal, these Beef Fritters are a hit at the Pit every time. And they are quick and easy to do as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys. 600g Ground Beef 85/15 2lb.... Read more

Reef n’ Beef Chili Dogs

Reef and Beef or Surf and Turf Chili Dogs? Anyway you want to call them but these beef dogs stuffed with fresh shrimp is some real good eating at the Pit. And they're easy to do as shown here.... Read more

Steak Bacon + Egg Sandwich

Something about Steak, Bacon and Eggs that makes it a favorite anytime sandwich, and not just for breakfast. Bread Roll Bacon Steak Cheese Eggs SPG seasoning, use your favorite seas.... Read more

Smoked Brat Burger

A quick and easy bratwurst cheese burger recipe that's both real easy to do and tastes great too. Ground Beef Bratwurst Cheese Fresh bread rolls 1 x Onion 1 can of Beer Pickles K.... Read more

Reuben Sandwich Burger

The BBQ Pit Boys put together a Reuben sandwich, burger style.. If you like corned beef, its easy to do, and your family and friends will luv it, as shown here by Slasher. 1 lb Sauerkrau.... Read more

Beef Torpedo Subs

Our Grilled Beef Torpedoes are stuffed with cheese, layered with sauce and served on a toasted roll. Sick of the same ol' burgers? Then you have to check this out before you fire up your gril.... Read more

World’s Biggest Rib Steaks

Hold the salad. The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some 64 oz Rib Steaks and serve them with potatoes -all a good man needs. We're eatin' good tonight, Martha! Thanks GrillEye for sponsoring this vide.... Read more

Steak ‘n Bacon Cheeseburger

Kick up that ordinary burger you've been making with this easy to do Steak Burger. Its real good eating at the Pit with these few simple tips as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys. Thanks to Citr.... Read more

FlameThrower Cheeseburger

The BBQ Pit Boys grill up a spicy cheeseburger with a touch of habanero heat, Pit Boys style. For more information, and to support Grill Blazer and their new grillgun torch, click to visit w.... Read more

Hobo Beef Foil Pack Dinner

For many scouts, campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, and for those who walk the railroad tracks there's no better eating than the classic Hobo Dinner using a foil pack. And, making them is r.... Read more

Pizza Fried Cheese Burger

The BBQ Pit Boys fry up some Mozzarella Cheese to top off a grilled Pepperoni Bacon Beef Burger, covered with fresh made Marinara sauce served on fresh baked Italian bread. WARNING, order som.... Read more

Traditional Sloppy Joe recipe

A traditional Sloppy Joe using only a few ingredients like your Mama would make, except with a BBQ twist......and its quick and easy to make for the kids, even after work so be sure to check .... Read more

Prime Beef Omelette

This Omelette is big enough to feed the hungriest. Packed with cheese and beef, it's a real game changer, Ideal for a hearty breakfast or even tailgating, it's sure to please. Good Quali.... Read more

Beef n’ Whiskey Kebabs

With this real simple Bourbon sauce recipe and a few slices of Beef tenderloin and served with grilled tomatoes and grilled bell peppers, these Beef 'n Bourbon kebabs will blow your mind. .... Read more

Rib Eye Plank Steaks

The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some Prime Rib Steaks using their Cedar planks. Eat like a Steak master with the simple tips shown here. .... Read more

Beef Belly Bacon Soup

Using 100% Beef Bacon with celery, chilis and fresh ginger, this beef bacon soup is guaranteed to heat you up on the coldest of days. For this recipe you need the following ingredients:.... Read more

Bacon Egg Quesadilla

This bacon and egg Quesadilla packs a punch, loaded with bacon, eggs, ground pork, cheese and jalapenos, it's big enough to feed four people no problem. You wont be disappointed or left hung.... Read more

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