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Beef is Sacred at the Pit

Learn some of our secrets for cooking up Beef so tender and juicy you’ll be back for seconds every time. Beef burgers, brisket, steaks and roasts.

Crispy Meatballs

Crispy Tortilla Chips Meatballs are on the Menu at the Pit. If your same ol’, same ol’ meatballs are not cutting it with family and friends anymore then you have to check these out. Serve them .... Read more

Old School Grilled Onion Burger

This is not just a burger with a slice of onion on top. It’s all about the Onions and how they are prepared. Watch how easy it is to grill the classic onion cheeseburger with these few simple ti.... Read more

Pan Pizza

Pan Pizza 3 classic Pan Pizzas, made from scratch are on the menu at the Pit. Check out the Supreme, Meat Special, and the Pit Boys Veggie Pizza. And, be sure to let your Vegematic friends know a.... Read more

Hamburg Steaks

Old-time Beef Burger Steaks are on the menu at the Pit. Take that ordinary tough piece of steak and make it tender with just a few easy steps. We serve the steaks with mashed potatoes, thick gravy a.... Read more

Stuffed Pepper Soup

The BBQ Pit Boys cook up a big pot of Stuffed Pepper Soup at the Pit. On its own, or as a side, this is some good eating at the Pit. .... Read more

Beef Pot Roast

Beef Pot Roast Slow braised Beef Chuck in a Dutch oven makes for some real good eating at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys prepare this classic one-pot meat recipe, and how easy it is to make it r.... Read more

Crater Steaks

Crater Steaks The BBQ Pit Boys Crater Steaks –NASA inspired, Astronaut approved. Don’t space out on your next steak barbecue. Turn budget cuts of beef into tender. Check these out, of course .... Read more

Prime Rib Roast with Butter Rub

This butter-rub Prime Beef Rib Roast, also known as a Standing Rib Roast, will be melt-in-your-mouth tender and juicy with these few simple tips by the BBQ Pit Boys. We’re eatin’ good tonight,.... Read more

Egg Meat Muffin Burger

Forget about Mickey D's. Kick up that ordinary fast-food breakfast sandwich with this Pit Boys Donut Burger.It’s quick and easy to do with these few simple tips as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. .... Read more

Steak Peppercorn Sauce

A cream based Pepper Sauce is kicked up with some Rib Eye steak in this BBQ Pit Boys easy to do recipe. Watch how easy it is to do with these few simple tips. .... Read more

5 Pepper Chili

Undoubtedly this is the Super Bowl of chili, the BBQ Pit Boys cook up a 10 lbs of beef Chili at the Pit. No beans required..! For this Pit Boys Chili recipe we used: (3 gallons (11.4 liters).... Read more

Stuffed Donut Burgers

Friends sick of those same ol’, same ol’ grilled hamburgers you’ve been serving up? Boring as hell, right? Then try these real easy to do BBQ Pit Boys meat Doughnuts -stuffed burgers that .... Read more

Texas Beef Brisket Trimming Tip

How to trim a Whole Beef Texas Brisket for your next barbecue as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Save yourself some money and buy a Whole Beef Brisket. We show you how easy it is to trim a Brisket.... Read more


Adding some of that sour mash Tennessee sippin' whiskey that was aged in charcoal charred oak barrels to your fresh ground chuck hamburger makes for some real good eatin. .... Read more


Watch the BBQ Pit Boys cook up some Whiskey and Beef gravy to top off an Egg and Bacon Cheeseburger. Some call this the Hangover Burger. Call it what you want but it's still good eating at the Pit. .... Read more


Kick up the flavor this time with a Vodka and Horseradish infused Beef Steak. Watch how to make this real easy to do Steak marinade. Sirloin steak/Round steak -- 1 , trimmed Onion -- 1 Med.... Read more


Tri-Tips are real popular for grilling, and for good reason. They're cut from the beef sirloin and are full of that rich beef flavor that steak masters demand when serving up that special steak .... Read more


Many prize this cut of Beef, cut from under the tenderloin, because of its intense beefy flavor. Also known as a Spoon Roast in the States, the Pit Boys use the “double rub” technique and co.... Read more


This classic Texas Chili recipe has been barbecued up since the mid 1800's. The Texas Range Cooks out on the cattle drives made this brisket chili a legend. .... Read more


"Low and Slow" barbecue for up to 14 hours is what it takes to make a great brisket barbecue. Watch us prepare a classic Whole Texas Beef Brisket that is real easy to do on your backyard smoker .... Read more

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