Beef & Bacon Bagel Burger

The four B’s never tasted so good…! Step up your burger IQ with this easy to do cheese burger your friends and family will luv. Now go fire up that grill. We’re eatin’ good tonight, Martha..!
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For this Beef & Bacon Bagel Burger recipe you need the following ingredients:

• 1 lb Bacon
• 2 lbs of ground beef
• Bagels
• Butter
• Mayonnaise
• Tomato
• Pepper jack cheese slices


1. Take the ground beef (use chuck if you can). Season with SPG or salt pepper and garlic powder if you don’t have SPG. Take the ground beef and pound it down to an even thin layer and take a cookie cutter and cut out the patties, press some holes into the centre of the pattie to help them keep their shape

1. Smoke the bacon on the grill first, we used pork belly bacon. Lay it out in a star pattern and place opposite the hot coals. Don’t use direct heat, you want to cook it slowly for about 1/2 an hour / 45 minutes. At about 20 minutes in, flip it over

2. Take the bacon off the grill and place the burgers on the grill using indirect heat. About ten minutes in, flip them burger patties over and add some cheese, use your favorite cheese, we used pepper jack for some extra flavor and a bit of heat.

3. Take the bagels and slice them in half, butter them up then place them on the grill over the hot coals to toast them up nice and crispy

4. Serve on the hot bagel and add a slice or two of onion, we use Vidalia onions, the food police always whine about how much onion we use, if you haven’t tried a Vidalia onion you gotta check them out, they’re real sweet. Add a slice of tomato and the bacon and some mayonnaise and pickles. You can use whatever topping you like.