santa maria grilling steak

Seven Meat Deli Burger

STOP... The Seven Meat Deli Burger puts an end to plain ‘ol burgers from the grill. Kick it up. Choose your favorite deli meats for your next grilled cheeseburger and you’ll never go back. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found here. We appreciate your support.

For this deli burger you need to following ingredients

2lb 90/20 Ground Beef SPG ( salt pepper garlic ) Liverwurst Roast Beef Ham Chicken Salami Bologna Roast Turkey Cheese Mix all the meats and cheese ingredients and make four burger patties, place them on the grill over a medium heat. flip as required until reaching an internal temp of 145 f. Serve with a good bun and garnish with tomato, cheese, pickle jalapeno and some sweet Vidalia onion. Santa Maria grilled steak