Sirloin Tip Roast Beef

A BBQ Pit Boys wet rub or paste takes this lean and affordable Roast Beef to another level, cooked in our wood fired oven and served medium rare. This recipe is good example how a cheap cut of meat can be cooked to perfection with these few simple tips.

For this Sirloin Tip Roast you need the following ingredients:

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast ( AKA Round Roast )

Wet Rub Paste

3 Tbsp of paprika. 2 tsp of garlic powder. 1 tsp of onion powder. 2 tsp of black pepper. 1 tsp dried thyme. 1 tsp dried oregano. 1 tsp red pepper flakes. 2 Tbsp of coarse salt. 3-4 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil.


Combine all the ingredients of the wet rub paste and mix well. Coat the roast with the paste evenly on all sides. You need to cook these real slow at a lower temp, so place them on a shallow pan in a preheated grill or oven of 350 f (176 C ), it will take a couple of hours to reach the internal cooked temp target you want of 130 f ( 55 C ). When you take them from the grill or oven, wrap them in aluminum foil to allow them sit for around 20 minutes rest time. Slice thin, serve with roast potatoes and gravy and some greens.