Backstrap Bacon Burger

Venison burgers topped with slices of fresh grilled Backstrap. Natural and heart healthy eating doesn’t get any better than this.

Backstrap Bacon Burger Recipe

For this Venison Backstrap Bacon Burger you need the following ingredients: Bacon Seasoning we used our SPG, use your favorite Venison Backstrap Venison leg meat Seasoning/rub, use your favorite. Olive Oil Garlic Jalapeno pickles Cheese
Grind the venison and bacon together and add the garlic cloves and jalapeno peppers. Once ground add in your seasoning and cheese and mix evenly in. Form up the burgers and cook over direct heat until reaching the minimum internal temperature for ground venison of 160 degress f / 72 c
Using a hot oiled skillet, place the Venison backstrap on the heat and sear well, once all sides are seared, slice the backstrap and sear once more on the exposed rare centre. This will give each slice a medium rare finish and tenderness, it won't take long, so be careful not to overcook it. The recommended internal temperature for medium rare backstrap is 145 degrees f / 63 c.
Place the bacon venison burger along with the backstrap pieces and serve with you favoure garnish. We used mayoniase, jalapenos and our habenero chipotle hot sauce