Bacon + Egg Pepper Pork Pie

This Bacon + Egg Pepper Pork Pie Ticks all the boxes, packed with ground pork, bacon and more pepper than you could sneeze at and all wrapped up in pastry. Not only is it real easy to do but it really packs some punch too.

Bacon + Egg Pepper Pork Pie

For this recipe you need the following ingredients: 2 lbs Ground Pork 200 gms Smoky Bacon 4 Tbsp Ground White Pepper 1 Tbsp fresh ground Black Pepper A dozen or so eggs A few stalks of celery 1 lge onion Corn Starch Flakey Pastry


First fry the celery and onion in a pan, then add the bacon, and pork and cook down until all browned. Mix up a little cornstarch and water then whisk in a couple of eggs. Pour the mix into the pork and mix well in, then add in the 4 Tablespoons of ground white pepper and the fresh ground black pepper. Don't skimp on the white pepper, it may seem like a lot but it is the key to the flavor profile of the pie.


Butter up a pie pan well and lay the base pastry into the pan, added some raw onion. Add the cooked pork meat onion celery mix, then crack 10 or so eggs onto the top of the meat filling. add enough eggs to fill up any space among the meat. Cover the pie with the top sheet of pastry and paint on either milk or some egg wash to the top to help brown/glaze the pastry. Cook in a preheated grill or oven at 400f / 200 C until the pastry is cooked. Serve hot with a good dose of ketchup ( yes, ketchup goes really well with this pie)