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Prime Beef Omelette

This Omelette is big enough to feed the hungriest. Packed with cheese and beef, it's a real game changer, Ideal for a hearty breakfast or even tailgating, it's sure to please.

For this Prime Beef Omelette you need to following ingredients

Good Quality Beef, we used beef rib strips. SPG ( salt pepper garlic seasoning ) Eggs Cheese Bacon Red Onion Tomatoes King oyster mushrooms or portabello mushroom will substitute Soy Sauce Apple cider vinegar Olive oil Butter


First cook up the Bacon, Mushroom and Beef, then mix the onion with the soy sauce and equal parts apple cider vinegar. Whisk the eggs, add the olive oil and butter into a hot pan, add the whisked egg mix, top with cheese and cook until done. Add to the center off the omelette the beef, bacon and mushrooms and onions and fold over the edges to cover all . Serve hot