EASY Smoked Fried Ribs

These Easy Smoked Fried Ribs are amazing. sweet, savory, spicy and tender, this recipe not only tastes great but it's fast. You definitely have to check this recipe out. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found HERE. We appreciate your support.

EASY Smoked Fried Ribs Recipe

For the EASY Smoked Fried Ribs Recipe you need the following ingredients;

2 Racks of Spare Ribs Dry rub, we used our Maple Chipotle 3 tablespoons brown sugar Pineapple, about three rings plus about a cup of the juice, [use sweetened pineapple, it will thicken easier.) Red chili flakes 1 cup of marmalade Sesame oil 3/4 cup Malt vinegar 8 tablespoons of butter (1 stick) 1 onion Salt and Pepper

Rib Sauce

Into a saucepan add 1/2 a grated onion. Dice the pineapple finely and add it and about 1 cup of juice, add the salt, pepper, brown sugar and marmalade. bring to boil, stir frequently and reduce to a thick consistency.


Slice the ribs and add you rub and mix well into the ribs, place them on your smoker (or grill over indirect heat ) at about 275 fahrenheit / 135 celsius for about an hour, you want them to be about 90% done when you take them off to fry. Frying, Into a heated wok or a large pan add a splash of cooking oil and the 1/4 cup sesame oil. Add the ribs and fry to crisp up to outside for a couple of minutes on high heat, mixing constantly. Add the reduction sauce mix to the pan / wok and mix well in, stirring constantly. once the ribs have reach the internal temp of 145 fahrenheit. Serve with a good coating of red chili flakes and plenty of cold beer.