Striper Steaks

Striper Steaks

The BBQ Pit Boys saw up a Striped Bass into steaks and grill them over a wood fire on the Santa Maria. And they don't forget about grilling up that fish head. More information about our professional grade smokers and grills can be found here. We appreciate your support. bbq pit boys argentine grill

Striper Steaks Recipe

For the Striper Bass Steak Recipe you need the following ingredients;

1 Striper Bass, (or use your favorite fish) Mayonnaise Sriracha Sauce 1 Stick of Butter Fresh Garlic chopped Parmesan cheese Fresh Basil Lemon

Sriracha Butter Sauce

Heat up the butter in a saucepan and mix in the sriracha sauce the mix until blended well.

Basil Sauce mix

Chop the fresh basil and combine with the mayonnaise , fresh chopped garlic and squeeze the lemon juice in.


Place the steaks over direct heat, we used our santa Maria Grill so have the luxury of just moving the grate up and down to control the temperature. Baste the sriracha butter mix on the top of each steak and maintain a steady medium heat. Flip over when ready ( only flip once) and baste on the Basil sauce mix and cook until done. serve with fresh squeezed lemon. The fish head and tail were slow cooked at low temp and basted often with a mix of soy sauce and Mirin ( sweetened Rice Wine).