Tender "Low and Slow" Beef Ribs served with Roasted Potatoes, Sweet Onions, and Mushrooms hot off the barbecue grill makes for some good eating!


  • Beef Short Ribs – 8 to 10
  • Mushrooms – 1 pint – optional but recommended
  • Potatoes – 6
  • Vidalia Onion – 1 medium
  • Onion Soup Mix – 1 package
  • Beef Broth – 1 quart you may substitute with water or beer if you want
  • Olive Oil
  • Your favorite Beef Seasoning – or you can use one of ours found at
  • Roasting Pan – 1
  • Roasting Rack to fit inside of roasting pan – 1
  • Baster - 1


1. Coat the Beef short ribs on all sides 2. Coat the ribs with olive oil on all sides over the rub – this will help with searing the ribs 3. Peel the potatoes and cut into bite size pieces (you may want to put them in a bowl with some water so they do not turn brown) 4. Slice the mushrooms 5. Chop the onion into medium to large pieces 6. Set up your grill for indirect heat (hot coals on one side of the grill and no coals on the other side of the grill) – You’re looking for a temp. of 225 degrees Fahrenheit.


7. Sear the ribs by placing them on the grill directly over the hot coals – this will had flavor and texture to the ribs 8. Sear for 1 to 2 minutes per side 9. Place your roasting pan with the roasting rack inside it on the side of the grill with no coals 10. When the ribs are done searing place them into the roasting pan on the rack 11. Pour 1 Qt of beef broth into the bottom of the roasting pan 12. Add the chopped onions to the pan 13. Sprinkle the onion soup mix over the top of the ribs and onions 14. Add the mushrooms to the pan 15. Add the potatoes to the pan – nestle everything together 16. Cover the grill with the lid – you are looking at a 4 hour cook time 17. After 45 minutes and every 45 minutes after that; Baste the ribs with the juices from the bottom of the roasting pan 18. After 4 hours of cooking Baste the ribs one last time before removing them from the grill


19. Place the ribs and potatoes on a platter 20. Scoop up the mushrooms and juices from the pan and pour all over the ribs and potatoes


21. Serve and Enjoy!