Brown Sugar Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs


This simple and quick barbecue ribs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys takes about half the time as traditional "low and slow" ribs.


  • Pork Spare Ribs – 3 racks, about 5lbs per rack
  • Your Favorite Pork Rub or one of our rubs you can find byclicking here
  • Your Favorite BBQ sauce or one of our homemade sauces found at the link above
  • Brown Sugar – 2 lbs, we use Dark Brown Sugar but light will work also
  • Beef Broth – 2 cans
  • Heavy Duty Tin Foil
  • Roasting Pan – 1
  • Roasting Rack that fits into roasting pan - 1


1. Set up your grill for indirect heat (hot coals on one side of the grill and no coals on the other side of the grill) – You’re looking for a grill temperature between 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Trim up the racks of ribs of any excessive fat or connective tissue – you can also trim them into St Louise Style ribs if you want. Follow this link and we’ll show you how to do it at this link. 3. Score the membrane on the bone side of the rack in a cross hatch pattern – this allows the rub to penetrate better. You can also remove it if you would like. We show you how to do this, click here. 4. Place rub on both sides of each rack of ribs – rub it in to get a good even coating 5. Place roasting pan with roasting rack in it on side of grill opposite the coals. It is easier and safer to place everything into the pan when it is on the grill than to put everything together and carry it or lift it on to the grill – it will weigh about 20lbs


6. Place all 3 racks into the roasting pan – stack them on top of each other 7. Layer 2 lbs of Brown Sugar on top of the ribs 8. Pour the beef broth into the pan – pour enough in to cover the bottom of the pan, but do not have the broth touching the bottom rack of ribs. The broth creates steam that will get your ribs nice and tender 9. Cover the pan and ribs in tin foil – this keeps the steam from the broth on the ribs tenderizing them 10. Put cover on grill – You are looking at about a 2 Hour cook time depending on the Temp. of your grill. 11. After 1 Hour
  • Rotate your roasting pan 180 degrees so that you get even cooking
  • Remove the tin foil from the pan
  • Rotate the racks of ribs in the pan – move the top rack to the bottom, etc. (Optional)
12. After 2 Hours and your ribs are fully cooked – Remove the ribs from the grill 13. Replenish your coals so you have a nice searing hot bed of coals 14. Put your BBQ sauce on indirect heat to warm it up 15. Sear each side of the racks of ribs, directly over the hot coals – about 1 or 2 minutes per side – this adds to the texture of the ribs and makes them special


16. Cut your ribs in to 1 bone or multi bone slabs 17. Pour your heated BBQ sauce all over the ribs


18. Serve and Enjoy!