Sick of just plain old hamburgers and hotdogs off the grill? Crank it up and try this tender and moist Beef Chuck Roast!


  • 3 – 3 lb Certified Angus Beef Chuck Roasts (approximate weight)
  • 3 cups – Beef Broth infused with Garlic Powder to taste


  • French Baguettes -- 2 , 12-14” long
  • Au jus from pan drippings
  • Favorite bbq sauce heated on grill


1. Inject roasts liberally with garlic beef broth – helps keep moisture in for a long slow cook. 2. Apply generous amount of BBQ Pit Boy Rub or your favorite rub off the shelf – SPRINKLE to cover, DO NOT rub seasoning into meat, this will create a paste keeping smoke from penetrating the meat as it cooks. 3. If you prefer, roasts can be braised for 3-4 hours – 250 degrees.


4. Place roasts over adjacent hot coals for indirect cooking. The grill temperature should be at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook the roasts low and slow for 4-5 hours. 5. Be sure to add a piece of pecan wood or a chunk of your favorite wood prior to placing grill cover on. 6. After one hour, remove lid and check the roasts internal temperature. They should be at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to spray roasts with garlic beef broth mixture to add moisture. Step 7 isn’t necessary, but we recommend it for a tenderer roast. 7. Take two pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil and double wrap each roast. This allows you to collect the juices from the roasts for your Au jus, and will help to tenderize the roasts over the next couple of hours. 8. Insert the meat thermometer through the foil and place back on grill. 9. Once the internal temperature reads between 195 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit, carefully remove roasts from the grill and open foil. Remove roasts from foil while preserving the juices in the foil. 10. Pour the remaining juice from the foil into a bowl for Au jus. 11. Allow roasts to rest for 15-20 minutes before chopping/shredding


12. Cut the French Baguettes into 4-6” pieces. 13. Fill each baguette with meat. 14. Take your Au jus and pour over sandwich, or dip sandwich directly into the bowl. 15. Cover roast with heated bbq sauce instead of Au jus. SERVING 16. Serve and enjoy!