santa maria grill

Grilled Pocket Burgers

Triple-decker ground beef chuck Cheeseburgers stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink make for some real good eating at the Pit.

The ingredients:

Ground Chuck 80/20 – 3 lbs. Bacon – 1 lb. smoked/cooked Red Bell Pepper – 1, sliced and sautéd White onion – 1, sliced and sautéd Mushrooms – 4-6, sliced and sautéd Hot Dogs – 3, fried and sliced Sausage Links – 5-6 cooked Cheddar Cheese – cut into ” cubes, or use your favorite cheese Shredded Cheese – favorite kind Pickles – 10-15 slices Olives – 5-10 sliced Shrimp – 4-6 pcs. cooked pepperoni – 8 oz. package SPG – to taste You can of course use any filling you like and as they are precooked you only need to cook the ground beef wrap and heat the inside ingredients


1. Bring grill temperature up to 400-425 degrees Fahrenheit, with coals offset for indirect cooking. 2. Combine SPG to taste with ground chuck and mix gently. The ground beef MUST be cold or it won’t form properly. 3. Separate beef into six, 1/2 lb burger patties 5. Place desired toppings in center of 3 of the 6 patties and place the remaining 3 patties on top and press the edges together to form the pocket burger. 6. Sear each burger directly over hot coals for 1-2 minutes per side. 7. Move burgers opposite hot coals for indirect cooking. Place lid on grill. 8. Cook for 20 -25 minutes or until desired doneness. 9. Top with onion, pickles, tomatoes, or any of your favorite sauces. 10. Serve with chips, smoked beans, coleslaw, or potato salad.