Lobster Roll Traditional Style

Not all Lobster Rolls are the same. Hold the mayonnaise and veggie fillers because the BBQ Pit Boys cook this summertime Seafood favorite classic style.


    • Lobster -- 1
    • Hot dog buns -- 4
    • Whole garlic clove -- 2
    • Butter -- 2 Tablespoon


1) Into a large pot, pour water and bring to a simmering boil atop a hot grill 2) Meanwhile using a sharp knife, cut through the brain of the lobster to kill instantly 3) Pull off the rubber bands off the lobster claws 4) Put the lobster into the pot of boiling water and allow to cook for about 9 minutes 5) Once cooked, pull the lobster out from the pot, using a pair of tongs 6) Take off the pot of water and put a pan to heat over the grill 7) Melt the butter into the pan 8) Add in the whole cloves of garlic 9) Meanwhile pull out all the meat from the lobster shell, especially the claws 10) Sauté the meat in the melted butter for a minute 11) Also grill the hot dog rolls lightly on the grill 12) Pile the lobster meat into the hot dog rolls


13) Serve the rolls hot