Prime Rib Beef Spit Roast


You can feed a crowd at your Pit with this fire roasted Boneless Beef Ribeye.


  • Boneless Rib eye Roast – 14 lbs untrimmed – We use an untrimmed roast and trim it ourselves but you can have your butcher do it for you.
  • Your favorite beef seasoning or you can use one of ours found here
  • Grill with a rotisserie and spit
  • Disposable drip pan – optional


1. Remove any excess fat from the roast 2. With a sharp knife remove the silver skin from the roast – the silver skin is very tough, plus it prevents the seasoning from penetrating the meat 3. If your butcher as not already done so, remove the side muscle (the Chain) from the roast. This is very good to cook up and snack on 4. Put the roast on your spit. Try to center the roast on the spit and make sure to tighten the thumb screws on the forks so the roast does not move around 5. Liberally season the roast on all sides with your favorite rub. 6. If you have room in your grill place the disposable drip pan in the center of your grill on the bottom rack where the coals go. Place your lit coals on either side of the drip pan, the drip pan will catch the juices that come off the roast as it cooks, if you do not have room no problem just bank the coals on both sides of the grill leaving an open space under the roast. You are looking for a temp. of 275 degrees Fahrenheit


7. Place the spitted roast onto the rotisserie. Turn the rotisserie on and put the lid on the grill 8. You are looking at a 4 hour cook time 9. Remember to replenish your coals as needed with prelit coals – if you pour unlit coals on you can give the meat an off taste especially if you are using coals that instant light or match light. 10. If you get hungry during the cook, you can slice off some of the outside layer of the roast to snack on (since you are cooking from the outside in) Just re-season the roast after cutting off slices and put it back on the grill. 11. After the roast reaches the doneness you prefer – medium rare, medium etc. remove the roast from the grill.


12. Remove the roast from the spit. Remember that the screws holding the tines will be hot so use a pliers or grill gloves to loosen 13. If you can control yourself let the roast sit a few minutes so that the juices can redistribute throughout the meat 14. Slice the roast into whatever thickness you desire 15. If you had a drip pan, pour any juices in it over the sliced roast


16. Serve and Enjoy!