Texas Beef Brisket Trimming Tip

Texas Beef Brisket Trimming Tip

How to trim a Whole Beef Texas Brisket for your next barbecue as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Save yourself some money and buy a Whole Beef Brisket. We show you how easy it is to trim a Brisket for a "low and slow" barbecue, on your grill or smoker. -BBQ Pit Boys


One whole beef brisket


Sharp boning knife


1. Make sure you use a good boning knife or a knife you are comfortable with. 2. Always cut away from you. Safety first. 3. Remove fat a little at a time by cutting underneath the fat layer to remove it. 4. Take your time removing the fat. 5. Remove all of the silver skin by cutting below it. Silver skin is tough and needs to be removed. 6. Continue to work away from you, removing as much fat as possible. 7. The fat between the flat and the point end runs deep. Make sure you go deep to remove the fat between them. This will cause the brisket to open up more. 8. Don’t worry if you don’t remove all of the fat. It’s perfectly fine to leave a small amount of fat on your brisket. 9. Once you are done, retain the fat and place it on the top rack of your smoker (if applicable) and allow it to drip down on your brisket as it cooks. This will add moisture and flavor to your brisket.