Boneless Beef Ribs

Boneless Beef Ribs

The Beef Industry calls them boneless Beef Ribs, but they’re not.They go by a few different names including Beef Chuck Western Style Ribs, and Country Style Beef Ribs. So what are they? They’re actually beef chuck cut off the shoulder clod. And they can be one tough piece of meat. To get them fork tender you all you need to do is braise them. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys cook ’em up real moist and tender with these few easy tips and tricks.

Boneless Beef Ribs recipe

These are not ribs, they are sold as beef chuck western style or Beef country style ribs , they are cut from the shoulder clod, butterflied its a real tough cut of meat so we braise it.


4-5 lbs of beef chuck ribs
Seasoning, Salt and pepper, or SPG
Sauce, use your favorite sauce


Prep it with coating of Vegetable oil (to get the seasoning to stick)
Season it with Salt pepper season or SPG
Set your grill up for indirect heat and sear each side for a minute of two over direct heat
Place the beef ribs in a good heavy pan, we used a cast iron pan.
Add a bottle of beer into the pan and add your favorite sauce until the beef is covered this is going to add the flavor as is slowly simmers. Make sure you don’t boil them they will get tough. It’s gonna take about 2 hours
Check them periodically and rotate the pan after about an hour turn them over to be sure they all cook evenly.
Serve with an ice cold beer and country style baked beans.