Braised Pig Wings

These braised Pork Shank cut AKA Pig Wings are amazingly tender and well worth slow cooking.The pig wing is cut is in fact the fibula bone off the pork shank and often sold cured like a ham. We managed to get them uncured and slow cooking them to perfection. Best served on a cold day, piping hot with mashed potato and garden peas.

Braised Pig Wings Recipe Ingredients

Pork Shank Fibula
Chicken Stock
Cayenne Pepper
Fresh Ground black pepper
Worcestershire sauce
Peeled Tomatoes
Black Beans


First add some oil to a pan and fry the pig wings until brown the all over. Then dd the diced up onion and carrot, and salt and pepper and fry them a bit, adding the beans and tomatoes once you cooked down the onions, then add the browned pork shanks. place them over direct heat to allow the mix to come to boil then move off the direct heat and slowly simmer on a medium indirect heat until the are tender and falling off the bone. This will take around 2- 2.5 hours