Chili Chicken Sub

This Chili Chicken Sub is filled with tender chicken breast slices and charcoal roasted Anaheim chili together with all the goodness of the cayenne chili’s and garlic.
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For this Chili Chicken Sub recipe you need the following ingredients:

Chicken breasts
Green chili’s
Red chili’s
Black Pepper
White pepper
Sesame oil


Slice the chicken breast length ways, try to use small chicken breast, they’re much more tender and don’t suffer for the ‘woody’ thought dry issue that the big old style chicken breasts have.
Finely dice the garlic, Red chili’s and add salt and white pepper, sesame oil and paprika, mix well. Roast the green chili’s over direct heat until charred, set aside to cool.
Add the slice chicken breasts to the marinade set aside for about 20 minutes.
Grill over high heat until reaching an internal temp of 165 f. Dust with paprika and serve on a good bread roll, baguette with sliced tomatoes and BBQ sauce.