Chili Pepper Rib Steak Subs

Chili Pepper Rib Steak Subs

Keep it simple with these one-pan easy to do BBQ Pit Boys steak sandwiches. They are perfect for the Pit or the camp.

​Chili Pepper Rib Steak Subs​ Recipe​​

For this recipe you’re gonna need these ingredients:

Rib Steaks
Vidalia onion ( these are real sweet, you can use a regular onion if the vidalias are out of season)
Scallion / spring onions
Poblano peppers
Cherry peppers
​Banana peppers
Use whatever peppers you like.
Some good crusty bread rolls or baguettes


Slice up the steak real thin. To a pan or wok and some oil​ , as soon as the oil is hot start​ adding​ some of the peppers​ and ​some SPG or salt pepper seasoning and toss in the beef.
A wok is a good choice as it’s easier to stir fry with that a flat pan. The key in this recipe is to have the wok real hot, the thin sliced steak cooks faster than you can say vegan alert.
It only takes a minute or so until it’s done, you don’t want to stew the beef, you want it med rare, and that happens real fast.
Serve on a fresh toasted roll or bun.

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