Crispy Pork Belly Bacon

The BBQ Pit Boys cook up a crispy bacon on bacon sandwich. And its real easy to do with these tips and tricks shown here by Wolfman of our Wolf and Rooster Chapter. We’re eatin’ good tonight, Martha..!

For this Crispy Pork Belly Bacon you need the following ingredients

Bread Roll
Pork Belly
Gravy Powder (Cornstarch and Seasoning)
Garlic Powder
Worcestershire Sauce
Spring Onion


Cut slices through the top fat layer and massage the oil into the skin evenly
Rub 1-2 Tbsp of salt into the skin, along with the sage and thyme (optional)

Place the pork belly into a baking pan, and add about 1/2 a can of beer
Cover with aluminum foil and place into a pre-heated grill or oven at least 400°F(204°C).
and cook until the internal temperature reaches 165°F(74°C). Remove from the heat and cover to rest while you make the gravy.
Cook the bacon the way you like it.

Add about 1/2 can of beer into the gravy powder and garlic powder into the pan.
Add some SPG, at least some salt and pepper or your favorite seasoning.
Add 1 or 2 shots of Worcestershire, and some chopped green onions.
Mix them up well, heat it up in the oven.

Slice the pork belly into thick pieces and place onto fresh bread rolls, adding the bacon and gravy on the top.