Deep Fried Roast Beef

Deep Fried Roast Beef

Forget the same ol’ Turkey fry this year! Get yourself a beef roast like this 4 bone Rib roast, and live large. Good eatin’ at the Pit doesn’t get any better than this and it’s real easy to do.

For this recipe you’re gonna need the following ingredients

4 bone Rib Roast
Peanut Oil
SPG seasoning ( You can use salt and pepper if you don’t have SPG )
A turkey Frier
A meat injector


Green Beans
White pepper


Start with the roast being at room temp, you don’t want to cook it directly out of the refrigerator, it’s going to be too cold.
Season the outer surface all over with SPG or you favorite seasoning. Push a knife through the roast to make it easy to mount onto the plunger Melt some butter with the diced garlic to make a garlic butter and use the injector to inject it with the garlic butter
carefully add the beef into the oil once it reaches 350°F, 3 minutes per pound is about right. Use a decent thermometer to check the internal temp, digital probe style for accuracy if you have one, for medium rare you want 130°F to 135°F
The deep fried beans we fried for just minute or two, you want them to still have some bite, dont over do the cooking, once done add the white pepper and salt and some chili flakes and give it a good toss in a big bowl. For the corn, cut it up into pieces and just fry until is looks a little toasted and browned on the edges, dont go too long , you might up up with popcorn, serve it with pleanty butter and salt.

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