Hobo Beef Foil Pack Dinner

For many scouts, campers, hikers, hunters, fishermen, and for those who walk the railroad tracks there’s no better eating than the classic Hobo Dinner using a foil pack. And, making them is real easy to do as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys.

For this Hobo Beef Foil Pack Dinner recipe you need the following ingredients

Heavy Duty Foil
Ground Beef
Breakfast sausage
Canned vegetables or use corn, carrots and peas.
Canned Bread


Set a small fire and get the coals good and hot. Slice the potato and onion thinly then take a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil and place the ground beef down on the foil and add the breakfast sausages on top. Load on the thin sliced potatoes and onions and add in the mixed vegetables and a couple of pickled jalapenos for a little bit of heat. add your favorite seasoning, we used our SPG, you can just use salt and pepper is you don’t have SPG. Add the cabbage leaves on top and add some wine for a bit of moisture and seal the foil pack up. take a second sheet of aluminum foil and double wrap it. place the pack over direct heat to cook and rotate and flip the foil pack about 8 minutes to cook evenly. Serve hot straight out of the foil pack and