Steak ‘n Bacon Scallop Sub

This Peppered Pork Bacon Butter Burger is packing a ton of flavor and won’t let you down like those fast food burgers always do, so be sure to make a bunch of these.

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For this Peppered Pork Bacon Butter Burger you need the following ingredients:

• Ground Pork
• Pork Belly Bacon
• BBQ Sauce
• Shredded Onions
• Smoked Paprika
• Sea Salt
• Brown Onion
• Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
• Sharp Cheddar Cheese
• Butter


1. Method smoke the bacon up first and dice into small pieces.
2. Pan fry the shredded onion until caramelized and set aside.
3. Combine equal parts of diced bacon with ground pork, BBQ sauce, the sea salt and smoked paprika.
4. Form into burger patties and press the center with a thumb print to prevent the burgers swelling up as they shrink.
5. Apply a good coating of the cracked black pepper and place over a medium indirect heat for the majority of the cook, flipping onto the pepper side to sear for just a few minutes.
6. Once the burger reaches an internal temperature of 165°F [74°C], add the sliced sharp cheddar cheese to melt and serve on a toasted bun, added the caramelized onions and condiments such as mayonnaise or your favorite sauce.