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Pizza off the grill is legendary

Almost everybody likes pizza, but if you haven’t had a pizza cooked on the grill you’re really missing out. Not only can you can choose from an almost endless combination of pizza toppings as you will see in our recipes, making it is real easy to do and the crust and base comes out perfectly crispy, not like those store bought doughy Frisbee’s they call pizza. Check out our BBQ Pit Boys pizza oven here.


Not all great Cheeseburgers are the same, or are Pizzas for that matter. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys cook one up, this burger and pizza recipe is real easy to do..... Read more

Meat and Bean Pit Pie

A Pot Pie loaded with deli Roast Beef and Sausage Meat and Beans are cooked up on the grill by the BBQ Pit Boys. Can you smell that? It smells guuud..! Needless to say, the Food Police and Vegemat.... Read more

Pan Pizza

Pan Pizza 3 classic Pan Pizzas, made from scratch are on the menu at the Pit. Check out the Supreme, Meat Special, and the Pit Boys Veggie Pizza. And, be sure to let your Vegematic friends know a.... Read more

Pizza Calzones

Calzones Pizza Stuffed pizza with what you want dough baked fresh at the Pit is some good eating. The BBQ Pit Boys prepare a meat marinade, a Pheasant breast stuffing and a tomato based serving sau.... Read more

Wood Fired Pizza

Three classic Pizzas are prepared and cooked by the BBQ Pit Boys in their new open fire oven. This video is brutal if you're hungry, best advised to grab a beer before watching..... Read more

Brick Oven Pizza on the Grill

This Old Time Brick Oven Pizza is easy to make on the barbecue grill and is as good as those from the Brick Oven Pizza Pie Houses in New York. Give it a try! .... Read more

Double Crust, Double Meat Pizza

It's been a real hot summer. Today it's in the 90's. Got to stay cool, pop some beers & order some pizza, delivered, fresh from your grill..! 1. .... Read more


This all meat deep dish style pizza will surely keep the Vegematics and Health Zombies away, so take another slice! 1. Set up your grill for.... Read more

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