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Grilling is it doesn’t have to take up a whole lot of time. Our quick and easy BBQ recipes promise to deliver spectacular dishes you’ll be proud to serve up.

Real Grilled Ham and Cheese Burgers

The Ham and Cheese sandwich can be found on the menu most anywhere. They are boring at best. Kick it up this time with our BBQ Pit Boys fresh ground ham and cheese classic for a perfect tende.... Read more

Firecracker Hot Dogs

Need a better Hot Dog for your friends and family at your Pit? Then check this BBQ Pit Boys dog grilling method out..and it's real easy to do!.... Read more

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Eat breakfast like a boss, this Breakfast Pizza is about the easiest recipe we've ever done. Guaranteed to please the whole family whether you're tailgating, camping or just at home in the ya.... Read more

Smoked Fried Spare Ribs

These Easy Smoked Fried Ribs are amazing. sweet, savory, spicy and tender, this recipe not only tastes great but it's fast. you definitely have to check this recipe out. More information about our.... Read more

Chicken Paw Legs

Take those plain ol" Chicken legs and make 'em Paws. They grill quick and easy, and come out moist and tender. You have to check this BBQ Pit Boys recipe out. More information about our professi.... Read more

Seven Meat Deli Burger

STOP... The Seven Meat Deli Burger puts an end to plain ‘ol burgers from the grill. Kick it up. Choose your favorite deli meats for your next grilled cheeseburger and you’ll never go back. M.... Read more

BBQ Bacon Rolls

Some call this Bacon recipe a BBQ Pit Boys hors d'oeuvre ... Call it what you like but this smokey, tender, rub seasoned, melt in your mouth snack will be good eatin' at your Pit. And this recipe .... Read more

Kids Smoked Bacon Grilled Cheese

There are those plain old grilled cheese sandwiches that mama makes, and then there are grilled cheese sandwiches that kids really want to eat. Check out this classic sandwich by the BBQ Pit Boy.... Read more

Crispy Fried Chicken Skins

We had some skins left over from our Chicken Thighs recipe so we made some crispy snacks..! And it's real easy to do as shown here. For this fried chicken skin recipe you need the following i.... Read more

Beef Jerky Burgers

An easy to do recipe that'll turn an ordinary hamburger into a Burger legend at your Pit. The BBQ Pit Boys also show you how to make their Jerky Grind. For this recipe you're going to need th.... Read more

Potato Bombs

Taters Gone Wild, these BBQ Pit Boys stuffed Baked Potato Bombs are kick-ass good eatin' at any Pit, family picnic or tailgating party. So crank up the music, put your BBQ Shoes on, pop open a b.... Read more

BBQ Bacon Baked Beans

Bake those beans "low and slow" for some real old time tasting BBQ smoked beans. The BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to do with this recipe. lb Sausage lb Bacon 1 Onion Baked Bean &a.... Read more

Easy Bacon and Corn Chowder

Bacon and corn... sounds like a Chowder is on the menu at the Pit. Check it out because this classic recipe is real easy to do. All these quanties are flexible, you cant really .... Read more

Easy Pepper Pickles

How to to make some garden fresh pickled peppers and cucumbers, and it's ready to eat in a few days. Use whatever you can source, of course fresh out of your garde.... Read more

Toasted Dogs

Our cart features 5" casters with brakes for easy maneuvering. The lower shelf is sturdy and an ideal place to stow away your charcoal, wood and BBQ accessories. Top Surface a.... Read more

Chili Pepper Rib Steak Subs

Keep it simple with these one-pan easy to do BBQ Pit Boys steak sandwiches. They are perfect for the Pit or the camp. ​​ Rib Steaks Garlic Vidalia onion ( these are real sweet, you c.... Read more

Bison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer Burgers

The BBQ Pit Boys simmer up some Butter Bourbon and Beer Dipping Sauce for these bad boyz Bison Burgers. Looking for a great burger for your pit? Then ya have to check this recipe out. And it’s.... Read more

Angus Steaks and Burgers

The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some premium New York Strip Steaks and Steak Burgers at the Pit. And it's real easy to do with these few simple tips. Santa Maria Grill .... Read more

Hog Jowl Bacon Sub

Pig out people…! It's Pork tender-good hog jowl bacon and pork sandwiches on the menu at the Pit. This recipe is from our BBQ Pit Boys Formosa Chapter. BBQ Pit boys knife hickory Featuri.... Read more

Easy Dutch Oven Chicken

The BBQ Pit Boys cook up 8 tender and moist chickens in one black iron pot. If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating Black Iron Dutch Oven Rock Cornish Game Hen Chicken then ya need to check.... Read more

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