Reuben Sandwich Burger

The BBQ Pit Boys put together a Reuben sandwich, burger style.. If you like corned beef, its easy to do, and your family and friends will luv it, as shown here by Slasher.

For this Reuben Sandwich Burger you need the following ingredients

1 lb Sauerkraut
Corned beef  
1 .5 lbs ground beef
Swiss cheese 
Thousand island dressing
SPG seasoning 
Fresh baked rye brad  
Fennel seed


Squeeze the moisture from the sauerkraut and add it to a bowl and add the 1.5 lb of ground chuck diced the corned beef into fine pieces, add the fennel seed and about a cup of the grated Swiss cheese and SPG seasoning and form the burgers up. Place the burgers on a medium hot skillet or pan and  with a knob of butter and cook until they reach and internal temperature of 145 f. Toasted rye bread up in the pan adding the thousand island dressing and mustard to the Reuben Burger.