Rib Eye Steaks ‘n Bacon Beans

The BBQ Pit Boys show you how quick and easy it is to cook up some Rib Eye Steaks with a side of their Salsa Beans. This recipe puts any tasteless Filet Mignon to shame.
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For this Rib Eye Steaks ‘n Bacon Beans recipe you need the following ingredients:

Ribeye Steaks
Baked Beans
Vegetable Oil
Cracked Black Pepper
Hot BBQ Sauce
SPG or Your favorite seasoning


Preheat the cast iron pan for bacon later.
Mix the Hot BBQ sauce, SPG seasoning, Mustard, Ketchup, Salsa into Baked Beans, and mix it well.
Place it in oven to bake it.
Take the preheat pan out, place some bacon into the pan evenly. Put it into oven to fry it gently.
Take some pork-belly bacon, moisten it a little bit with oil, and add some cracked black pepper on top.
Wrap the Ribeye steak around with the bacon, and tight up with string.

Put a thin layer of vegetable oil on both sides of the steaks, and put a good amount of SPG seasoning on top of vegie oil.
Place the steaks on the grill, flip them couple minutes later, add more SPG on top.
The steaks will be ready if the internal temperature reaches 145°F[63°C] (medium).