Roast Beef Stuffed Meatballs

Moist and tender meatballs are not always easy to do unless you use this simple technique shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys.
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For this Roast Beef Stuffed Meatballs recipe you need the following ingredients:

Ground Beef 80/20
Deli Sliced Roast Beef
Barbecue Sauce
SPG seasoning


1.Seasoning the ground beef, use SPG or your favorite seasoning.
Make them into meatballs
2.Separate the roast beef slices and marinate them into barbecue sauce or your favorite sauce.
3.Make pockets in each meatball.
Stuff each pocket with marinated roast beef and shredded cheese.
Form the meatballs well.
4.Smoke these meatballs on indirect heat at 300°F[149°C].
It won’t take long maybe a half hour at most.
5.about half way, sauce the meatballs up .
and flip them, then mop the other side.
Give them another 15 minutes, check the internal temperature.
At 160°F[71°C], they’re done.