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Learn the simplest way to add great flavor to grilled meats

Nothing tastes better than your own home-made marinade, rub, mopping or dipping sauce. Learn just how to easy it can be right here.

Bacon Bourbon Burger Jam

The BBQ Pit Boys cook up a batch of Bacon Bourbon Jam for their grilled Beef Burgers at the Pit. This recipe is easy to do with the simple tips as shown here in this video. 1 lb. bacon 2.... Read more

Grilled Salmon Head

Heads Up..! Fish Heads -an often overlooked recipe for grilled Salmon, the BBQ Pit Boys show you how quick and easy it is to cook up this grilled fish classic. Salmon Head ( cut from behind t.... Read more

Bison Bacon Butter Bourbon Beer Burgers

The BBQ Pit Boys simmer up some Butter Bourbon and Beer Dipping Sauce for these bad boyz Bison Burgers. Looking for a great burger for your pit? Then ya have to check this recipe out. And it’s.... Read more

Mud Rub Ribs

Rub some of our Mud on those Ribs of yours. And it's a real easy to do pork Ribs recipe using these simple tips and ingredients. For (2) about 3lb St Louis Spare Ribs Score the bone side.... Read more

Sugar Shack Steak

It’s all about the BBQ Pit Boys Mud Rub that makes this steak outstanding eating down at the Sugar Shack. And watch how easy it is to prepare with these few simple tips.   1" Rib Eye .... Read more

Easy Roast Turkey Recipe Review

A quick video showing just how easy it is to make a brine for a moist and succulent Turkey, then roast the bird for the Thanksgiving holiday. This classic holiday recipe is real easy to do with .... Read more

Chili Jar Eggs

Need something to munch on with those ice cold beers..? Try these easy to make marinated eggs. The Chickens luv ‘em, we luv 'em, and so do the critters. You need to check this recipe out..! .... Read more

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Spare Ribs

Check out this BBQ Rum Sauce the next time you need to kick up your barbecue. The smooth vanilla tone of 92 proof Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum makes this sauce stand out above all other sauces we coo.... Read more

Moonshine BBQ Sauce

Good barbecue starts with a bottle of BBQ Pit Boys Moonshine Sauce. Willie Clay Call and Junior Johnson certified and it's real easy to make. .... Read more

Onion Chili Sausage Sauce

Sweet and tangy and loaded up with smoked sausage, this Pit Boys barbecue sauce is the perfect condiment for any type of meat sandwich, hot or cold. [Be sure to bottle up some extra too].... Read more

Chicken Legs with Caribbean BBQ Rum Sauce

These Grilled Chicken legs (AKA Peg Legs) basted with a Spice Rum sauce make for some good eating at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys prepare and cook up this hot summer day favorite even Captain M.... Read more

Smoked Chicken Quarters

Instead of grilling, try smoking the Chicken Quarters this time. Use these few simple tips by the BBQ Pit Boys and they’ll come out tender and moist every time…For more info about our pro .... Read more

Chipotle BBQ Sauce on Chicken and Chops

The BBQ Pit Boys turn up the heat with this Chipotle Chili Sauce made from Mole paste, OJ, Tomato Juice, seasonings and some Cerveza. It goes real good on Beef, Chicken and Pork Chops as a mop, an.... Read more


Looking for a home-made barbecue sauce for dippin in? Try this vodka sauce recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys for a taste and flavor that is second to none. Try one of our favorite sauces for dippi.... Read more


Whiskey Gravy tastes real good on most anything, but especially on these New York Strip Steaks. So dig out your grill and fire it up! 1. Set up yo.... Read more


Tender Grilled Beef Steaks, served with Baked Potatoes, and Grilled Onions, all covered with home-made Steak Sauce is what good eating is all about. The BBQ Pit Boys show you how quick and easy .... Read more


Get that raise or promotion you wanted from your boss, or better yet, hook up with that new girly you met, you just found the recipe! 1. Set up.... Read more


Check out this BBQ Pit Boys Pork Barbeque Marinade and Mopping Sauce for the grill or smoker. It's an easy recipe to make, and also works real well with chicken and beef. .... Read more


This quick and easy barbecue sauce by the BBQ Pit Boys is the perfect brush-on for beef, chicken, pork and poultry. • Fresh Ginger – 2 Tbsp. grated. • Hot Sauce – ½ tsp. • Soy Sauc.... Read more


Kicking back at the Pit and cooking up some apple beer steaks, mashed potatoes with steak & bourbon gravy, fresh picked roasted corn, & spicy garlic bread. .... Read more

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