Sausage Stuffed Sausage Subs

A classic Stuffed Sausage Sandwich at the Pit. If you’re lookin’ for a quick and real easy, but so outrageously good it’s sick, recipe for your next tailgating or family picnic, then you have to check this recipe out

Sausage Stuffed Sausage Subs recipe

For this Sausage Stuffed Sausage Subs recipe you need the following ingredients:
A bunch of cooked Breakfast Sausages
About 4 ft of Italian style uncooked sausage
Hot sauce, use your favorite.
Bell peppers


Cut off sections of the uncooked Italian sausage. Then use a wooden spoon to pierce a hole through
the center and insert the cooked breakfast sausage. Then insert some hot sauce.
Cook on a medium heat of about 325f until the Italian sausage is fully cooked at around 165 f. Serve hot of a fresh bread roll.