There are now over 17,000 BBQ Pit Boys Chapters worldwide and growing every day. We’d be proud to have you wear the colors, so get to it and sign up now.

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Paid OR Unpaid

We appreciate all of our fans and understand that not everyone can afford it, so we offer you all the chance to register for free your official chapter. If you would like to contribute to the show with paying for your certificate, we sure do appreciate it. 

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What difference does it make?

When you sign up with an unpaid certificate, you get your listing and the certificate gets published on our site. With the $US 20 paid option, you get a high resolution print copy which can be downloaded for you to hang up at your own pit.

Thanks for taking the time and interest in our show, and thanks for signing up.


BBQ Pit Boys

There are now over 13,000 BBQ Pit Boys Chapters Worldwide. We'd be proud to have you wear the colors, so get to it and sign up now.

Step 1: Select a Local Chapter name:

  • Your Chapter's formal name could be geographic or regional, or simply unique. ex. (Alligator Alley)
  • You can choose any name, but remember, the more characters, the smaller the name appears in print and the limit is 25 spaces.
  • Using "BBQ Pit Boys" in your name eats up 12 character spaces, you don't really need to include it in your name as it's already on the certificate.

Step 3: Connecting with Chapters

  • Many chapters have their own group or page on social media. This is a great way to connect with other Pit Boys chapters