Steak Bacon + Egg Sandwich

Something about Steak, Bacon and Eggs that makes it a favorite anytime sandwich, and not just for breakfast.

For this Steak Bacon + Egg Sandwich you need the following ingredients

Bread Roll
SPG seasoning, use your favorite seasoning
Barbecue Sauce


First smoke bacon over indirect heat.
Separate the egg yolks from the whites.
Add some SPG or your favorite seasoning to the egg white and whisk it all up a little to make sure it will rise as it cooks.
Oil up a pan well, be sure there is a good layer of oil to prevent the egg form sticking. Place a layer bacon then pour in some egg white and repeat until all the bacon is in.
Finally pour in the whisked egg yolk over the top of the bacon and egg white layers.

Place the pan on the grill over indirect heat and about half way through rotate the pan around to ensure even cooking
cook until the eggs are done.

Beef Rib Strip Steaks

These we cooked over direct heat with a hot fire. We used beef rib strip cuts which you may need to ask your butcher for. The rib strips have a good marbling and when sliced thinly cook fast and will be tender. Pile a bunch of your favorite cheese onto a good loaf of round bread with your favorite BBQ sauce.Serve hot