Steak ‘n Bacon Scallop Sub

Cooked over an open fire in the wilderness, this Steak ‘n Bacon Scallop Sub is a work of art wrapped in bread. With just a grill grate and few sticks of wood watch Pitmaster Handzee knock this sandwich up and out of the park. It’s real easy to do..

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For this Steak ‘n Bacon Scallop Sub recipe you need the following ingredients:

• Steak, 1 thick cut
• Fresh sea scallops, 6
• Ground beef, 1 pound
• Green onions, 2 stalks
• Cheese
• Fresh bacon
• SPG (Salt, Pepper & Garlic; or your favorite seasoning)
• Maple sugar rub
• Wood skewers
• Butter
• Sub bread buns
• Fresh cucumber, sliced




1. Take a bacon strip and wrap it around a sea scallop and skewer it.
    Complete this process till you are done with all the scallops.
2. Take 1 pound of ground beef patty and cut in half.
    Sprinkle some maple sugar rub and SPG and gently rub on both sides of the ground beef patty.
    Do the same with the steak.
    Add a generous slab of butter over the steak and ground beef.
3. Slice up the cheese.
4. Chop up the seared green onions.
5. Cut the seared steaks into thin slices.

Medium Heat
1. Cook bacon scallop skewer over medium heat.
    Keep aside.
2. Cook the steak and ground beef patty both sides. Sear the sides of the steak. Keep aside.
3. Sear the green onion stalks.
4. Take the cooked ground beef, add some slices of cheese on top, chopped green onions and place it over heat with a closed lid for a min or so to melt the cheese.
5. Toast the bread bun a little.

Take a sub toasted bun and put some butter, sliced cucumber, grounded beef with melted cheese/green onions, some grilled bacon scallops, a few thin slices of grilled steaks and you have a tasty STEAK N BACON SCALLOP SUB