Stuffing Stuffed Roast Beef Meatballs

As a holiday snack or as a main meal, these Roast Beef meatballs stuffed with moist seasoned stuffing will be a big hit at your Pit. And, they’re real easy to do as shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys. Be sure to make a bunch.

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For this Stuffing Stuffed Roast Beef Meatballs recipe you need the following ingredients:

SPG seasoning, use your favorite seasoning.
Beef Broth,
4 tbsp Butter
A stick of Celery
12 oz Seasons Stuffing
Deli Roast Beef


Dice up the onion and celery as fine as possible.
Melt the butter in the pan and cook down the celery and the onion.
Get it translucent soften it up but a little crunchy, don’t overcook it.
Add a couple of cups of beef broth into the pan, and add stuffing in.
Cook until the liquid to get in those bread crumbs, and mash it down with the spoon.
Ball up some stuffing and wrap the deli roast beef around it, and compress it into a ball.
Bring them to the grill, cook them on indirect heat at 325°F[162°C].
Season them with SPG.
Flip them after a few minutes, and baste the meatballs with beef broth.