Tequila Tortilla Burger

That’s right. There’s such a thing, a Tequila Tortilla Burger. Tequila infused corn chips piled high on grilled beef burgers with peppers on a roll. And its real easy to do with these tips shown here by the BBQ Pit Boys..

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For this Tequila Tortilla Burger recipe you need the following ingredients:

• Ground beef (2 lbs)
• SPG (Salt, Pepper & Garlic; or your favorite seasoning)
• Hot Sauce
• Buns
• Bell Peppers 2
• Cream Cheese
• Onion
• Mayo
• Pickled Jalapeno
• Tortilla Corn Chips
• Chili Peppers
• Tequila


1. Add cooking oil to cast iron skillet
2. Cover frying pan with small amount of oil

1. Roast up bell peppers & Chilli peppers on the grill
2. Soak Tortilla chips in shallow pan in your favorite Tequila
3. Season the ground beef with SPG
4 Chop Pickled Jalapeno and mix in ground beef
5. Flatten ground beef and spread a layer of cream cheese on it
6. Make into burgers approx 6 oz each, flatten & dimple in the middle
7. Remove peppers from grill
8. Add burgers to grill INDIRECT HEAT (creating a reverse sear on this burger)
9. Slice onions
10. Clean up peppers removing seeds & skins
11. Flip burgers and put them right over the Flames creating the reverse sear
12. Spread more cream cheese on the finished beef burgers
13. Put tequila infused corn tortilla chips on burgers evenly
14. Add hot sauce to Mayo and mix well
15. Top burgers with mayo hot sauce mix Bell peppers more chips onions etc
16. Top it off with the bun & ENJOY your TORTILLA TEQUILA BURGER