World’s Biggest Rib Steaks

Hold the salad. The BBQ Pit Boys grill up some 64 oz Rib Steaks and serve them with potatoes -all a good man needs. We’re eatin’ good tonight, Martha! Thanks GrillEye for sponsoring this video and providing us their GrillEye Pro Plus.

BBQ pit boys temperature cooking chart meat
For this World’s Biggest Rib Steaks recipe you need the following ingredients

2 x 4 lb Boneless Beef Rib Eyes
SPG seasoning ( at least use salt + pepper )


This is all about the taking it low and slow, these boneless beef rib steaks are going to take a few hours to cook through, so its vital to have a reliable digital probe thermometer. You want these steaks to be medium rare so that means an internal temperature of 125 f. throughout the cook you will need to be rotating the meat on all sides.