Bacon Egg Breakfast Pizza

Eat breakfast like a boss, this Breakfast Pizza is about the easiest recipe we've ever done. Guaranteed to please the whole family whether you're tailgating, camping or just at home in the yard.

Bacon Egg Breakfast Pizza Recipe

10 slices of Bacon 2 dozen eggs +/- 1 Packet of frozen pre-cooked hash browns Butter Ketchup Cracked black pepper


Place your bacon in the grill and cook using indirect heat until it reaches your desired level of cooked. Slice the pre-cooked hash browns into traingle sections. Butter up your cooking pan and place the hash brown pieces on in a circle, leaving some space between each to allow the eggs to fill in the gaps, this will help keep it all together. Add a dose of ketchup on top of the hash browns. We used a well seasoned cast iron skillet, if you dont have a well seasoned non-stick cast iron pan, just place a sheet of cooking paper in the base and hit it with either butter or cooking oil to prevent sticking. Cut the bacon up and spread evenly on top of the hash browns. Add as many eggs as it takes to fill in the entire surface of the pizza. Place on indirect heat and cook until the eggs are done, only the eggs need cooked, so if you like the jiggling all over the place , take it off earlier.